Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is not just for professional athletes. The general focus of Sports Medicine is providing treatment to active individuals that may have suffered injuries through sporting activities or exercise routines, and want to regain full function by relieving chronic pain or discomfort.

TPC is home to some of Central Texas’ premiere sports medicine practices. Where possible, we strive to provide regenerative treatment options to help individuals get back to doing what they love using the least invasive procedures first. Occasionally, surgical treatment options are used to offer additional therapy choices for acute incidents. Our areas of expertise include total joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery and ligament reconstructions.

Our Sports Medicine program has historically been centered on taking care of the children in our community who participate in school athletics. Youth often want to play hard, and we want to encourage them to have fun playing the sports they love, but it’s not uncommon for injuries to go unnoticed. Our Licensed Athletic Trainers attend sporting events to make sure that proper evaluations are made to ensure the safety of the kids.

Services Offered

  • Event coverage for high school and community events

  • Free orthopedic injury consultations

  • Soft tissue therapy for musculotendinous injuries

  • Free weekend clinics

  • Expedited physician scheduling and diagnostic imaging

  • Educational speaking engagements including concussion awareness, career days and more

Additional Information

Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals who specialize in the prevention, recognition and treatment of sports related injury. Licensed Athletic Trainers are uniquely qualified to cover athletic events due to their knowledge of particular injuries that may go overlooked by a coach or even by another healthcare worker. We use only Texas State Licensed Athletic Trainers to service our agreements.

Our goal is to promote and ensure a safe environment for area athletes to participate in various sports and events.  Although no one can prevent all injuries, our schools know that they have the utmost priority with regards to appointments with physicians and radiology if necessary.  If you are not a part of our growing, prestigious program, please contact us so that we can create a coverage plan that will cater specifically to your needs.

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The following packet has a lot of great information related to concussions to help you understand our policies, procedures and steps that will be taken if an athlete suffers an injury.

Concussion Packet

Call Carlee Supak, Athletic Training Director, if you have any questions: (979) 776-0169